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Welcome to The Dragon Star! This wiki will allow characters to understand the particulars of the world and the things they’ll need to know. Please note that this is still under construction at the moment, but I’m chipping away at the pages that need to be created.

The late 1130s have been a difficult time for all. Europe is in the High Middle Ages, with the 12th Century Renaissance beginning. Literacy is starting to spread, the first blast furnace in Europe has made an appearance, and the new concept of the assembly line has been applied to shipbuilding. The First Crusade has been successful, and the Crusader States have been founded, but there is no peace in the Middle East, as the Christians and the Turks continue their struggles. The Knights Templar are the rising star of knightly orders, accumulating wealth and power at an astonishing rate.

Still, all is not well, as Europe finds itself divided over the Papal Schism, with Antipope Anacletus II holding power in Rome itself while Pope Innocent II fled to France. Likewise, England is divided in what many are calling the Anarchy, with King Steven seizing the throne from his cousin Empress Matilda. Further complicating that issue was Papal approval of Steven’s claim from Innocent II. A brief moment of hope came from the marriage of the soon-to-be King Louis VII to Eleanor of Aquitane, which promised to increase prosperity to France. The world held its breath and crossed its fingers.

As May 1137 drew to a close, a new comet was spotted by Islamic astronomers in Baghdad. They recorded the sighting, informed the authorities, and prepared for the inevitable public unrest from the superstitious.

The prediction came true a few weeks later: As the weeks went by, and it got bigger and more noticeable, the panic normally associated with the appearance of a “red star” started to emerge among the populace. Europe was especially hard-pressed, and eventually both Popes issued Papal decrees, attempting to calm the people. The learned few dismissed such superstition and urged restraint… until they estimated just how close the comet would likely pass to Earth. The days passed by, until the comet blazed crimson in the night sky as brightly as the moon.

By late July, rioting and looting are common, and martial law is declared fairly universally. (How well it’s enforced is another matter entirely). People are anxious and fearful, and most are certain that the world is about to end. Religious fervor is at an all-time high.

In August 3, 1137, the Dragon Star entered Earth’s upper atmosphere somewhere over the Russian duchies. A low roar built as it ripped through the air, leaving a swath of smoke and debris in its wake. The sonic boom shook the Earth, knocking down buildings and flattening trees along its path. Foul vapors lingered where it past, coalescing into strange-colored clouds that broke into crashing thunderstorms that poured down foul-smelling rain that sickened many.

Thusly, do we begin this game.

I’ve started to put together a Rules and Character Creation page, a page for Character Backgrounds, and one for Background Info.

For game world info, check out the articles on the official game Glossary, Religion in the 12th Century, a Timeline, The Papal Schism and You, The Weather of 1137, and the Anatomy of the Scar.

Home Page

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